WordPress do_shortcode in template PHP file

WordPress do_shortcode in template PHP file

WordPress provides awesome functionality shortcode. Using shortcode functionality we can easily add the dynamic code inside WP posts, pages and widgets. For Example, Video embedding inside the post or page content. Today, We are going to learn WordPress PHP do_shortcode in template file.

WordPress provides many useful shortcodes using that we can easily embed dynamic content inside the posts or pages. Also, WordPress allows us to create our shortcode functionality. I already create an in-depth tutorial on How to create shortcode in WordPress” please learn it first if you still don’t learn it. Because it’s really helpful for display and embed dynamic code.

WordPress do_shortcode in template PHP file

Normally, We use WordPress shortcode like below

[tryvary_shortcode name="Renish Khunt" age="27"]

But what if you want to use the shortcode inside PHP template file instead of the WordPress post, page and widgets. You can invoke it using WordPress do_shortcode function like.

print do_shortcode('[tryvary_shortcode name="Renish Khunt" age="27"]');

You can easily invoke shortcode using do_shortcode function inside themes and plugins. Finally, We learn how to use shortcode inside template file You can use any shortcode using do_shortcode in template file.

I hope you learn everything regarding the WordPress PHP do_shortcode. If you have any question please write the comment. We are always ready and happy to help you.

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